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splunk enterprise security

What is Splunk Enterprise Security and what services do they offer?

What is Splunk ES?  Splunk Enterprise Security is in essence a security information and event management (SIEM) service which enables security personnel to promptly respond to any cybersecurity threats, simplifies threat management, and protects firms. It enables security professionals to use data across all touchpoints to gain a holistic perspective when making security decisions. Splunk ES can enable continuous monitoring, proactive incident response, smooth running […]

Splunk enterprise basics

Splunk Enterprise Basics in IT Operations

The Digital Information wave generates an abundance of data every day. Organizations can use these digital footprints to their advantage by collecting, monitoring, managing and troubleshooting valuable intelligence hidden in data. However, maneuvering around the complexity of data can be overwhelming. Additionally, operational downtime is extremely expensive for businesses making it essential to invest in […]

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