Cyber Chasse- Splunk Enterprise Security

What is Splunk Enterprise Security and what services do they offer?


What is Splunk ES? 

Splunk Enterprise Security is in essence a security information and event management (SIEM) service which enables security personnel to promptly respond to any cybersecurity threats, simplifies threat management, and protects firms. It enables security professionals to use data across all touchpoints to gain a holistic perspective when making security decisions. Splunk ES can enable continuous monitoring, proactive incident response, smooth running of security operations, and an evaluation of business risks for executives. This can be used as a software in tandem with Splunk Enterprise or as a cloud in combination with Splunk Cloud. 


Why use Splunk ES? 

  • Splunk ES enables shorter response time through the use of Adaptive Response actions and Investigation Workbench. 
  • It also enhances the security structure and end to end visibility through machine learning. 
  • Splunk ES enables improved detection of anomalies and threats using user behavior analytics and Analytics Stories. 
  • Splunk Es helps uses threat intelligence to enable users to make informed decisions. 


Services under Splunk ES 

Security Posture Dashboard 

This tool is fully customizable and gives a bird’s eye view into all notable events across all domains of deployment. Splunk ES uses correlation searches to automate the identification of security anomalies and deviances. A suspicious pattern causes the correlation search to trigger an alert known as notable event, which represents an individual anomaly or collection of anomalies detected over time and across several touchpoints.  

Incident Review Dashboard 

This tool allows hassle-free management of security incidents and workflows. It identifies notable event and classifies them by potential severity to prioritize actions.  

The Risk Analysis Dashboard  

This dashboard can be used to evaluate relative changes in risk scores and monitor events that contribute to risk scores. It showcases recent changes in risk scores and identifies high risk objects. 

The User Activity Dashboard 

This tool showcases common risky user activities and can be used for privileged user monitoring. 

Access Anomalies Dashboard  

This showcases the entire spectrum of authentication attempts from their respective IP addresses and other deviances in user credentials along with location specific data.  

UBA Anomalies Dashboard  

This tool displays deviances identified by Splunk user behavior analytics within Splunk ES and correlates it with data form other touchpoints to achieve deeper insights into vulnerabilities in the security mechanism. 

The Asset Investigator Dashboard 

This dashboard utilizes data collected over time to formulate categories such as malware, authentication or notable events. They utilize heat maps to highlight periods of high and low activity. This dashboard allows visual linking across event categories to show a holistic picture of user’s activities.  

Access Domain 

This tool screens authentication attempts to devices and applications within a company.  

The Endpoint Domain 

This tool gives insights about malicious activities such as malware, spyware and potentially unwanted programs, along with providing endpoint protection deployment.  

Network protection domain 

This domain gives useful insights into devices and networks. These insights are aimed at detecting anomalies in systems. 

Threat Activity Dashboard  

This dashboard gives threat activity analysis my correlating threat intelligent source content to events in Splunk. 


Final Note 

Splunk ES is a powerful tool which helps firms make informed decisions with an awareness of any internal or external threats. Cyber Chasse offers expertise to optimize the benefits of Splunk ES in every stage of the process.