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identity and access management

What is Identity and Access Management?  

The need for Identity and Access Management (IAM) Identity and Access Management is strongly linked to a firm’s security infrastructure and can be the single biggest reason for the downfall of a company’s digital assets. Compromised employee credentials can provide a vulnerable vector for cyber criminals to attack entities. Identity Management can help mitigate this threat by securing user identities.   What is Identity and Access Management?    Identity […]

Zero Day Vulnerability

Zero Day Vulnerability- What is it and how can you secure yourself?

What is a Zero-day vulnerability? A zero-day vulnerability is essentially a defect in the digital security infrastructure which can be exploited by cyber-criminals, governments and nefarious third parties. This defect has not been patched by the security vendor and can be caused by improper computer or security programming and configuration. When a zero-day vulnerability is […]

Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

Vulnerability management is more than just running tests and identifying gaps. Rather it is a process to detect weaknesses and proactively fix them before they are exploited. Vulnerability management lifecycle includes planning and prioritizing to mitigate potential risks and threats. In this blog we discuss what vulnerability management is including the stages of its lifecycle. […]

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